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cheers_01 cheers_03 cheers_04 cheers_05Decorated some champagne glasses today with sprinkles and white chocolate. I only need one glass though since this girl turns 25 tomorrow and I’m having birthday cake and a mini bottle of Veuve for breakfast.

Cheers to it almost being the weekend!

– jm !


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bone_05bone_02bone_03bone_04bone_01bone_06Top: Aritzia Shorts: H&M Shoes: Capezio

Got my hair did @HerMajestysPleasure (ya, they do hair too…urgh!) for a wedding and decided to rock the crown braid pretty much all weekend.

I also made up a secret challenge (not-so-secret-anymore) with myself at the start of the spring season in order to limit my spending — and so far it’s working pretty great. I vowed to buy only neutral colours for my wardrobe through-out the summer. You heard me, no highlighter orange, neon pink, pastel blue printed shit for this girl! I’m all monochrome this season hunnies and my bank account looks damn fine. Black, white, cream, beige, grey – it’s all mine!

Some of the purchases I’ve made, (such as the Babaton top ft. above) have been on the more expensive side but totally worth it in terms of quality and re-wearability. I already have 3 other events I know I’ll wear this backless dream to! Betcha can’t say that about your orange and pink striped maxi dress you bought at H&M because it was 20$ on sale!

Enjoy my future blog posts about me wearing zero colour.

– jm !

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