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Not enjoying my last few days of summer, mainly because it is the LAST DAYS OF SUMMER.
American Apparel keeps sending me clothes, and a girl like me can’t complain? Too bad they’re haunting me by sending me these mini shorts and crop tops, constantly reminding me of the hot sun. How awesome is that colour though?

I hate to say it but..
soon it will be Winter and we’ll all be crying. I cringe thinking about that word… Winter… urgh.
I’m not ready at all to move. Did 4 months of Summer really go by that fast?
Looks like its just me myself and I in the big city soon!
Hope you all enjoyed your summer!

ps- don’t mind the completely insanity that is my face and the words. Such a cool font.

jm !

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Last minute shoot I did for THIRTY9STEPS.
I am stressed out. Lost all my shit and am tirelessly reminded every morning that passports and I.D’s are misplaced. Need. To. Get. Them. Back.
Any other good music I should listen to in order to get back on my happy feet?
jm !
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