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Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle? Why did sally sell sea-shells by the sea-shore when I could have picked them up for free? Why do deja vu’s happen? If the police break my door down, do they have to pay for it? How is it that the red buttons are always the most important? How can the sight of one person knock the wind out of you and another make you feel absolutely nothing? What makes us attracted to things? Why are there laws against streaking? Who have I thought about the most, out of all the people I’ve ever known? What starts a superstition? Is their such thing as luck? Why can’t we make a calender of just “JUNE” and live in it for a year, then try another month the next year? How can 1 hour sometimes feel like 4 days, and sometimes feel like 20 seconds?

Who will lay awake with me at 3 in the morning and tell me to shut up and stop thinking about [stupid] questions?

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