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Messy, sketchy watercolours.
I’ve been turning to the same remedies to help ease the bad days.
Perhaps this was not smart, considering the remedy
isn’t around when I need it most.

jm !

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As much as I loathe those with a professional camera,
I love amateur looking photographs.
These were taken in-between/and during a skype session with my Cousin.
How in the world did I reach 400-some followers?
You’re all insane.
Other than that, I have been spending an insane amount of time
on the computer in order to distract myself from the devilish shopping
urges I’ve been having lately. I. Must. Not. Shop.

In the meantime, this album is worth checking out:

1. “Southern Point”
2. Two Weeks
3. “All We Ask”
4. “Fine for Now”
5. “Cheerleader”
6. “Dory”
7. Ready, Able
8. “About Face”
9. “Hold Still”
10. While You Wait for the Others
11. “I Live with You”
12. “Foreground”


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