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New Artwork


Finished a new wood acrylic piece last week and finally hung it up in the apartment!
Really happy with the way it turned out. Nice to see some sketches coming to life.
– jm !

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Jord Wood Watches – Review

Dress: Aritzia Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Watch: Jord 

I’ve never considered myself to be much of a “watch-wearer”.
Funny (and embarrassing) story about me: When I was in grade 1, I had a fever for a whole week causing me to miss class.. exactly the week we learned how to tell time on a clock. I remember catching up on homework and being completely dyslexic when it came to telling time. I pretty much gave up on learning how to tell time and kept it a little secret for a while. My parents continue to laugh at me while I stare blankly at the hands of a clock, even to this day. Might I add, that I am 25 now and basically an adult. I grew up with friends who always wore watches (i’m looking at you Romy & Chloe) and could flash down at their wrists so quickly. #jealous
Then a few weeks ago, Justine from Jord e-mailed me about reviewing their wooden watches and I knew it was time (ha-ha pun-intended!). I’ve had this watch for about a week now and although it still takes me 5 seconds longer than everyone else on the planet to figure out what the time is, I’m learning and getting better at making it a habit rather than pulling out my phone.
Besides the fact that this thing has taught me a new skill (oh god I can’t believe I’m admitting to not knowing how to tell time and calling it a “skill”) it’s also so well-crafted and a beautiful accessory! I obviously picked the rose-gold since a lot of my jewellery fits in and a lighter wood since a lot of my clothes are neutral. It fit exact to the specifications I gave and is super unique. I have not seen any other watch of this sort kicking around any Toronto stores.

March and I are a sucker for a bite at beautiful Colette Grand Cafe, and the watch fit in so well. I recommend all watch-lovers and new watch adventurers to check out JORD. 
– jm ! 

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3 Mac Cosmetics Lips

1. Twig  2. Lady Danger 3. Relentlessly Red
I don’t often wear full faced makeup in the summer time (let alone, ever), so grabbing a poppin’ shade for the lips (usually by Mac Cosmetics) and a swipe of mascara is pretty much my beauty routine. 
I have olive-toned skin so I gravitate towards shades that contain purple, orange or pink. 
These are the current 3 from Mac that I can’t live without. 
– jm ! 

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