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There are these small moments which make
me realize how different I am from everyone else.
On an unrelated note, I think it’s of the highest importance for one to learn how to have fun with themselves. Get out alone. Do the things you want, pay attention to the little details that call to you. I’m surprised at how much I’ve learned…in such a short amount of time.

Reprise – Grizzly Bear

In spite of my drastic creative block that has seemed to shadow over me this entire summer, yesterday and today I have forced myself to throw acrylic on canvas. This mess includes sharpies and pirsmacolor. I’m experimenting on a smaller scale. Also, the song “Reprise” by Grizzly Bear goes with every type of weather. I’ve tried it. Listen. Beautiful.

-jm !

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The Girl From Ipanema – Wes Montgomery

Trying to find a place in Toronto. Super boring.
I hate house hunting.
I was doing really good painting wise, until Harry Potter came out and now I’m obsessing over the thought of marrying Ron (sort of kidding).
In the meantime, listen to Wes and fucking chillllllll.


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