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September Studio #2


Prototypes are important.
They show how you’ve learned from past mistakes and move forward to create something complete. 
This little project (the Grand Budapest Hotel Night Light) has already taught me so much & has been the best form of Art therapy. 
About a week ago I had the idea to get into laser cutting and model making. I’ve always had an appreciation but never have I felt more compelled to see something through until the end. 
It is a test of many things, and I am struggling.

Above are photos of the 3rd prototype. My version is more compact and minimal and made entirely out of birch-wood.
The roof is too complicated, and the etching could be more defined.
There are already so many things I would change.
Past Julia would have made this work in one go. Short term fixes, obvious flaws here and there. I’m sure she would have done an impressive job but it would never feel complete.
I will stop writing in 3rd person I promise.

I’m going to follow the 3rd prototype through until the end until I learn & fix every mistake and flaw.
The 4th may not even be the final, but at least I’ll make it to the next step.

Wish me luck.

jm ! 

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September Studio #1

Has your uncertainty ever lead you to do something terrible? Something you even imagined you would never do?

There are things I think we are socially allowed to be confused about. Our career paths, if we need life insurance (still not sure about this?), if we should keep those overalls from last summer (in case the style comes back right??). And then there are things we are shouldn’t be ever confused about. Things we should probably always be certain of.

September used to remind me of a time where I gathered all my school supplies, tried on my uniform (for the 2nd time) and fell asleep with the prospect that tomorrow I would learn something new. At 25, September has a completely new meaning, a change not only in season but of the mind. This September I am making it a goal of mine to make a conscious effort at recognizing what I am completely certain of. So far, I am certain of the terrible mistakes I have made in the past. I am certain of the brushstrokes I make on wood panel. I am certain I want to live a life fully dedicated to the visual arts. I am certain I want to stay in my tiny apartment studio until the snow falls. I am certain a change is happening and needs to happen. I am certain things will be better eventually.

Today is the first day I fully dedicated myself to creative thinking.
Today is the first day of my art therapy.

Follow along to view visual pieces dedicated to my growth.

– jm !

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Summer Lovin’


Making a summer to-do list today and going on all the little adventures I dreamed about doing in the dark corners of February. Today’s agenda includes drawing in the studio and playing in the park with some cider & a classic Prosciutto sandwich.

Take the extra time to walk outside &
download Tame Impala’s new album.

– jm !

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