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Arbitrary lines & made up perspectives.
I’m quite bored with the things I’m doing lately,
the things I haven’t done are more exciting.



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what pours out isn’t your everyday
gray, black, or pristine white
but rather
the plastic of neon lavender,
acrylic violets, and burnt turquoise.

vibrant pigments in our most
desperate of times.

never underestimate the loss of your hiding spots
the fragility of your dark caves.

jm !

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The good people at Sugarlips sent me the bluebells stripped dress off their website.
The cutout at the back had me, for some unknown reason I seem to be attracted to details that accentuate the back. The weather here isn’t showing any signs of spring, so I’ll have to keep spying this in my closet until it gets nice enough to wear to any real occasion. It was hard to choose what I wanted, lots of good stuff on the site! Check it out.

I’m loosing my mind trying to categorize due dates and appointments, homework and projects. March is shaping up to be a tricky month.
April is a lie.
Hibernating until May.

-jm !

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