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We can all admit Lookbook.nu is a resource for most of (or at least some) our fashion inspiration. I found that over the last couple of years in particular, more and more people are using the site thus over-populating the front pages and errythang (which is not a bad thing!).

Let me first start off by saying the HOT page is a joke. You got 2342 hypes in half an hour? congrats. It’s probably a photo of you with a colorful sockbun (including highlights that are so trendy you can’t even count how many ways you can fade turquoise to cotton-candy pink), some graphic tights, (preferably ones with the entire galaxy on them), and studds, yes lots and lots of that shit. Whatever, I’m not making fun of anyone specifically, it just hard to get on the front page these days and as you can tell I’m bitter to the latest trends (I’m just simply stating the facts, no?). Please disagree with me if you think I am wrong, I really enjoy that (discussing ideas, that is).
Regardless, my whole intent was not to bash Lookbook.nu, I love the site. I think it’s important to showcase clothes as art pieces that should be celebrated rather than just garments we throw on to cover our nakedness. By the way, I just want to say I am typing vigorously at the moment, and by ‘typing’ I mean smashing the keys on my keyboard, not in anger I promise. Excuse my extreme rant and grammar mistakes. Excuse my misuse of parentheses (they are my favourite and I imagine I am just whispering to you on the side instead of talking in a louder more authoritative voice), by the way, I am really weird.
TO BEGIN! I want to take this time to link-up some of the recent looks on Lookbook.nu (THAT ARE NOT MINE!) from the new page and explain to you why they are my favourite. Also I am going to include my witty comments that literally made me laugh in my dining room out loud (because I am so o o o f u n n n y y y… not).

Ok so this guy, András T., 18 year old guy from Budapest, thought to himself, “WTF, I’m just going to wear a bow-tie casually and just what-ever in the hills?”. First and foremost, I have to commend those men who post their looks on a website full of (A SEA OF) women. Not to at all say that fashion is strictly a female thing, but if you post looks on lookbook as a male, either girls are going to gawk at you, ask for your number or yell at their current boyfriends for not dressing in this way. I love the bow-tie as a casual accessory and to be honest I’d probably wear one as a guy every-day if I could. “Hey Julia? Wanna grab a coffee?”, “yeah sure, let me just grab my bow-tie and we’ll jet outta here”. #CLASS. This guy looks good. He knows it. It’s the bow-tie ladies… the bow-tie.

Now this chick, she amazes me. Let’s just comment on the fact that she looks more comfortable than a baby bird. If I wore this tomorrow do you know how much I could get accomplished? Uhm, I’d probably rule the world by 3 pm. Ridiculous. The tie-dye leggings as a minute accent is my favourite thing ever and on cold mornings when all you want to do is wear a long flowing skirt but don’t want to freeze your butt off? Perfection. Let’s all stop what we are doing and give her a hand. *clap clap clap clap clap*. Okay moving on.

Now you might all be thinking? What’s so special about this? That mermaid style is pretty much the trendiest thing. WELL ladies & gents, she’s not wearing 6 inch clunk heels and now how do you feel about getting on the 5 o’clock subway now? Pretty damned good. The vintage hat and casual shoes probably wouldn’t translate on me so well which is why I am part envious of this look. She rocks it all.

Last but not least: My favourite color palette at the moment. These pinkish nudes make my heart melt. For some reason this look makes me want to march on upstairs and chop off all my hair. It’s so effortless & soft looking. The perfect tiny clutch, simple necklace and bowm wanna go for an espresso or maybe a slice of carrot cake? I’d imagine life is just a dream in this ensemble…maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it. In reality, I have a ten hour shift ahead of me (basically hell-on-earth). I’ll dream of this little piece of heaven in the meantime.

 Okay that’s it. 
I am all out of witty-clever-and intelligent things to say.
Dress pretty friends.

 – jm !

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Along with the studd-gun I picked up last week, I also became pretty greedy and bought a Hot-tip tool which is usually meant for crystals (which I don’t plan on using for hopefully years).
I found some square embellishments and destroyed my closet with these things. It’s ridiculously easy to use.
The leather bag at the top was thrifted for ready? 2 dollars. You heard me.
I threw these embellishments on, used the hot-tip tool and the glue on the back melted right to the leather. BOWM. Done. I was able to wear it all weekend without any falling off or giving me a problem. I’m told they are washable/dryable, errythang.

Totally punk rock.

-jm !

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Oh shit fools.
Today was the October day I’ve been dreaming up since, well, the beginning of October.
These traveling gypsy pants from Sugarlips were practically screaming from my closet so I wore them and all in the world was good.

Many more things to come.

– jm !
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