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Le Temps De L’amour (#MARCTHEDOT)

I don’t know what ‘Le Temps De L’amour’ means, (I know L’amour is something along the lines of love…also I’m much to lazy to google it right now) but its the name of the song that plays in my recent obsession, Moonrise Kingdom. I’ve watched the movie about 4 times in two days.
A lot of my sweaters don’t fit me at the bottom right so I’m just tying them in strange knots and now that’s the way I’m living my life…exciting I know. I bought this DRESS (SHOCKING! Looks like a skirt) at Urbanoutfitters and these tights for 5 bucks at Wal-mart (AMERICUHHHH YEEEEAHH). I love the dotted pattern on tights but sometimes they can overwhelm an outfit so I used the ole peek-a-boo technique and boom y’all only see this shit sometimes yo!
Okay I’m done. Happy October, I hate November!
– jm !

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I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan, (and by‘bit’ I mean 67% psycho obsession).
The day I own a legit Stormtrooper armored costume will be a day to truly celebrate. 
In the meantime, Darth has been chillin’ wearing a cut-out mesh dress, ruling the galaxy and such. The dark side is so much better.
I bought this dress at a secret location in Toronto that I am not ready to disclose to the world (one day I will be ready). I have severe anxiety over the thought that this little local shop will one day close and I’ll have no where to buy dresses.

– jm !

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