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Fish Tank

Just haaaanging out underwater. 
Oversized sweater season is ending, and I’m pretty sad. 
Most of the stuff I am wearing is old hand-me-downs.
Oldies, but Goodies. 
Stay tuned to collabs to come.
-jm !
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Favourite Things

OPI Nail Lacquer. Left: Tease-y Does It, Right: A Grape Fit!
JAQUA Pink Champagne Shea Body Butter
Beaded Bracelets by H&M and handmade (right) by my sister. 
Mint Green Bracelet bought last year on Abbot Kinney, Venice CA.Dried Purple Hydrangeas

 Some of my favourite things. 
I just realized this all looks like one big Easter explosion. I suppose the pastel colour palette from past seasons has never left me. I plan on carrying all of these colours into the dead winter.
NOTE: My phone case is Cellairis and I wouldn’t mention it if it weren’t for the fact that it has saved my life consistently. Honestly, I just dropped my phone the other day (ROCK SOLID PAVEMENT) while having a conversation in person and was so confident that it was okay that I just brushed it off and tried to ignore the panicked look on my friends face. 
This one’s for the clumsies out there. It’s probably bulletproof. 
– jm ! 

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Sierra Leone

Thrifted this sweater for about 3 dollars last week. 
Copper Metallic leggings and leather combat boots. 
 Either I’m in the band or I’m robbing a bank I’m not too sure. 
 -jm ! 

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