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Hey hello hi there. Here to announce my final collaboration look for Marc Jacobs (dot fragrance). The past looks can be seen by clicking on THIS LINK & THIS ONE. 

This is the part of December where I swindle myself into buying anything and everything for myself before I realize I need to:
a) save my money and 
b)buy presents for others because 
c) Christmas is about giving and generosity and–OMGGG VELVET SKIRTS AND SHINY METAL THINGS. 
Seriously I’ve been bad. In this look I am wearing an extremely tired face because I have three paintings due on Thursday that will be posted soon I promise (if they ever get done). 
I am also wearing clothes (duh). 
Black is my favourite and I DON’T CARE IF THAT’S LAME. YOU’RE LAME. 
This velvet looking skirt thing is actually, in fact, a skirt, what am I typing? 
I purchased it with money that should have went to something else but 
And then I thrifted this dotted blouse for 5 bucks and I thank the thirfting gods because I was at a loss for finding something for the longest time. Dots are not my favourite. They really are not. But I think all together it looks like I’m having a great time in this outfit and I may consider wearing this again someday (YA IN 2046) har har har I’m just kidding. DOTS ARE UNLIMITED. The skull bracelet was bought from Urbanoutfitters and the weight of it is fantastic (I don’t know why that matters but when I wear a heavier bracelet I feel more powerful? MOVING ON) In case you are wondering, “is Julia procrastinating?”, the answer is yes, yes I am. 
 BUT (on a serious note) I want to close by giving a huge thanks to lookbook.nu for asking me to collaborate with them for Marc Jacobs. 
If you asked me to swim upstream a river in the middle of November wearing nothing but flannel shorts for Marc Jacobs I would have done that too, soooooo there’s that. 
End Scene. 
 Dots out! 
– jm! 

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Indigo Blue Baby

Now that the Winter Season is well on it’s way I am having a slight mental breakdown. 
How do Canadian chicks stay cool while trying to stay warm?
I really don’t know the answer but these silver tights from American Apparel are actually thicker than most and (sort of) help…not really, I lied. 
This dress is also a thick material and is actually warm, (horray!!)! Labelled the ‘Indigo Skate Dress’ curtesy of Sugarlips. I was thinking of getting some shots of me skating in this thing but it would turn into some disaster comedy hour A.K.A = Broken Ankle Jules.
Agate stone from SPEECH jewelry and Aldo wooden sandals that I have found myself wearing more in inappropriate weather than in the summer months (figures). 
That is all. 

End Scene. 

– jm !

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