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December weather has gracefully arrived without any snow for a while (it snowed yesterday and on christmas!).
Normally I’d never wear this out without some sort of legwear but I couldn’t resist for photo sake.
The necklace is from H&M. I was a little surprised when I found the necklace since H&M’s jewelery hasn’t impressed me in a while.
This mauve coloured skirt (entitled the ‘Mixed Cacao Skirt”) is from Sugarlips. I really love the top detail, and this colour is seriously lacking in my wardrobe. I’m sporting the Aldo metallic heeled shoes again as well, I can’t stop looking at them in my closet. Borderline insane.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday !
I am retreating indoors for the rest of the year.

– jm! 


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I Got Mine

Not my most elaborate post, but I have been exhausted by the holidays.
It is starting to get colder now, full pants and a heavy blazer is a must!
Found these shoes at an Aldo sale and fell in love with the metallic skinny heel.
Also if anyone cares (I see it as a small accomplishment of mine),
I was lucky enough to squeeze my way onto the amazing Style me Pretty website this month despite the fact that I am not getting married. A Bollywood/India Vogue style inspiration, it was a dream to work on this. You can see the full article here!
Okay that’s all for now! Happy Holidays!
– jm !
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