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See by Chloe Fragrance Launch

      After searching for a an ‘everyday’ fragrance, (other than Nina Ricci, which I have overdone), I have succeeded again. If you can follow the analogy of Chloe’s younger sister, I’m sure you’ll understand the scent right away. It’s so playful, yet mild. Jasmine, Apple-blossom, Sandalwood and Vanilla. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE? 
      Anyways, I attended the See By Chloe fragrance launch yesterday morning and it was so lovely to pop in before class, have a glass of grapefruit juice and 17 little pink doughnuts. I got to hang out with Bobby (click) and Elisabetta (click) which is always a treat. 
I have to be honest and say the one thing I was happiest to surround myself with was the bright hue of hot pink Chloe decided to choose for the line. Toronto is one big muck of slush and snow. A pile of dark wet gray. I think it’s actually raining down slush as we speak. (Hash-tag nightmares.) To be around such a vibrant color reminded me of a distant spring, it’s uplifting. The chandelier made up of the little bottles of See by Chloe was also pretty remarkable as well, I just was upset I couldn’t bring it home with me.

Can you see how upset I am in the last photo? Ridiculous. Nobody has that much fun smelling perfume. 

Until then I’ll just dawn this scent on everything and daydream about better weather. 
Hope all is well. xx
– jm !
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Pretty Petals

With Spring coming soon I’ve not hesitated to try on as many pretty floral things as possible. I’ve been (luckily) working with Jordan De Ruiter a lot lately in terms of collaboration and shooting. 

So many talented designers here in Canada! 
Above are two *preview photos* from a shoot we did on Monday shot by Megan Breukelman and the Paper doll project which I was extremely happy to work on ( the photo above is just the first workings of the project, final drafts are already done and printed! ). 
Floral skirts and tulle. What else in the world is there?
In the meantime, I’ve been carrying around an attitude of a disgruntled mermaid, 
I think she might be familiar to you all…

Thus, drawings are made.
Also, please forgive me for the complete chaos in which this post is delivered.
I seem to have no clear idea of what I am doing, ever.
I should be fired or something.

Currently, Stan Getz is playin’ in the background and I really couldn’t be more content.  
As a kid, 
I always imagined a boy would see me and all his senses would set on fire.
That was love. 

– jm ! 

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