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I fantasize about being able to lounge around the city with not a care (COAT) in the world. Pretty upset my outfit lately consists of one big infinity scarf.  

Besides my usual banter regarding the weather, this pretty lil dress is from Kristines Collection found HERE!! (CLICK!). It’s a great transition piece. The hat and oversized shirt are (obviously) my boyfriends, to which I will probably steal in the future again.

– jm !

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I think today, I tend to cherish my ‘little’ websites quite unhealthily. Anyone else covet their favourite ‘not-so-popular’ song or try to hide their browser history in fear that someone may figure you out? Have a file of images you just can’t seem to share?
A tumblr for yourself?
Just me? no?
Here’s 5 songs, you may like (or hate), 3 Instagram accounts who I think everyone should follow, and 5 images I’ve seen in the last 6 days of March that have blown me away. 
Please (I encourage) you to share in the same way in the comments!
Everyone deserves a boost of inspiration to get them going once in a while.

(Click on Title for YouTube Link) 
Okay I’ve listened to this song, (and I hate to be that person) when I was younger, (thanks dad) and always thought, “hey! cool!” but never really delved deeper into the baseline 
(as I should have). 
Later on in life I would listen to an Eminem song and think:
“hey cool!?” 
Speed up until now, and I rediscover the tune again. 
This song is so familiar, its soothing. 

Beyonce’s sister has made a sound for herself and lets just all get up and give her a hand. It most definitely was not easy. I do laundry to this and make a complete fool out of myself.
This song is from the Django Unchained Soundtrack.
Sometimes I can’t listen to songs that are so historically bound to a movie.  
But this one is perfect. It’s also really short, which I tend to enjoy more (weird?). 
The whole album is great. 

Sarah Vaughan – Corner to Corner
I can’t seem to find this song anywhere other than on Vinyl.
Even on YouTube, its practically hidden.
I’ve never always loved Sara Vaughan a whole lot, but for some reason this song is my favourite and was brought back to me from my Grandmother.
All last summer I avoided this group completely. I don’t know why. I think I was wayyyy too into Grimes to even consider another sound. Anyways, I like this song. And Grimes.

(Click on Name for Web) 

– These girls are ridiculous and their blog should be followed as well! 

Girl knows her colour


Happy March.

– jm!

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