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This brilliant cutout top is from Sugarlips and can be found HERE! (Click!) I also DIY-ed the hell out of these Calvin Klein Shorts, which I suppose is a staple activity for all girls this summer. I imagine I’ll probably destroy all of my jeans in July hoping that it will banish winter forever, (obviously my bff Romy has been observing my neurotic behavior towards the weather and my fake optimism towards it). I have no further comments. March is almost over, and I can already taste the hot sand! xx

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Tiny Canvas


[1] Recently working on these tiny oil painting commissions.
[2] Loosing my train of thought constantly, 
focusing too much on the cascading snow forcing it’s way into Spring. 
[3] Listening to a lot of Bonobo 
[4] Stir Crazy. 
– jm ! 
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