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Best believe I hit the “Fish-tail Braid Train” much too late (as always). I am NOT I repeat NOT a hair person what-so-ever. The hair styles I sport include: wearing my hair down and wearing my hair down. Yes that’s right ladies, I can’t even do a proper pony-tail.
Sometimes I wonder what kind of girl I think I am?

Anyways, I’m not going to explain to you how I managed to do a fish-tail braid that looks half-decent, therefore just look at these photos or go online to the millions of tutorials and figure it out, IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU! The good people at AB hair sent me some hair extensions so I felt ‘inspired’ and compelled to finally do something creative. The extensions are awesome, the clips were already to go and I really didn’t have to do much! Really simple.

I found it was easiest to get all the short pieces out of the way first, and tried my hardest to get my hair to reach all one unified length. Lightly spraying on some water helped keep everything together as well as using hair-spray for finishing. 

Also, I think summer is over, so I’m glad we all had our 6 hours of humidity now lets bring on the hail storms and skip Fall since Canada is being a huugggee jerk. 
– jm! 

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Summer Clouds

One Piece Bathing Suit: Gattina Designs Printed Pants: H&M

Trying to beat the heat in Toronto may be impossible, so I have resorted to wearing one-piece bathing suits along with my outfits just in case a pool happens to be nearby. My list of fears include centipedes, getting trapped in the subway and not being able to swim in a pool of water on a hot day sooo I’d say this is very crucial.

Stay cool people.
– jm !
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