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Glitter Dust



Hello. I hope no one minds the complete disaster that is my ‘website’. For what seemed to be a quick-fix turned into a renovation and then for a few seconds there it was at ground zero status. But I think I’m okay now? Its been so long since I’ve been completely updated/organized with everything that I forget what its like to be on time or right for anything these days.

I’ve also decided (during the renno) that all my art shit will be neatly kept in an online journal. Go look at how serious I am about it. I really hope its not one of those projects I leave in the corner waiting to die alone in the dark, but so far I’m being positive about it.

And as I type this I’m sitting in the polar vortex while editing photos taken in fabulous weather only 2 weeks ago. There really is no torture quite like this one. Florida was a great state to visit, I saw their version of squirrel which is alligator (super cool) and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because obviously at 23 that supersedes anything. Listening to Jai Paul while speeding down the many highways (View above song!). But I have to say the best part of the trip was the 2 nights I got to spend eating in bed. I shit you not this girl is really into simple pleasures.

Since everyone started talking about resolutions and 2014 hype, I decided to whisper about the empty space in my apartment. A studio space that has been left bare since October really needs to be lived in properly. I need to spill paint on the wall, I need to forget what time it is. I miss my experimentation. So anyone reading this (does anyone really?) please know that I really don’t want to design your bands album cover, or design your next tattoo, or paint a mural on anyone’s wall. I want to go into a room that’s mine and remember what it’s like to do it all for fun. 2014 will be a lonely discovery of what it once was like. Me, myself and turquoise mountains.

– jm!

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