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Canadian Spring is Difficult


Shoes: Converse Skirt: Blake & Co Sweater: H&M Necklace: Zara

April sucks where I live, I’m pretty excited to say it’s finally May 1st. Thankfully, Blake & Co sent me a beautiful printed skirt to get excited about. Ain’t nobody got time for heels in this windy-foggy season so I’ve been sporting these converse in the city until things shape up. Busy prints, over-sized knits, sneakers, statement necklace–it’s pretty much my go-to lately.

In other news–my apartment is about to be a full-house with 3 of us girls in it! I’m going to put them to work on some fun crafts this summer so if they thought living with an “artist” was going to be rough they’ve got another thing coming.

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tame Impala, painting tiny-little squares and working like a hostage to save up for my trip to New York (FIRST TIME EVER) at the end of May.
Also, thank-you tax-return god’s, you are truly merciful and have answered all of my prayers.

– jm !

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White Out


Shoes: Capezio Top: Topshop Pants: Topshop

Wearing head-to-toe Topshop on the beaches. Sunny-weather and white seem to go together so nicely. Lucky for me the amount of wine I drank this long weekend never made an appearance on the purity of this outfit.  If not today – one day – the clutz I am will not allow me to keep anything nice for too long without a rip or a stain.
I hope everyone else had a weekend full of family, food and fun! My rare 3-day vacation swiftly came and left so suddenly and now it’s back to reality (GAME OF THRONES MARATHON).
Photos by March

– jm !

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Mini-Egg Coma

My roomate and I went to Ikea to do some much needed shopping and before we knew it our apartment looked like Easter exploded inside it. Seems like it’ll be Spring all year round for us (also means endless mini-eggs which is A-OK WITH THIS BUNNY).
Besides the pastel colour palette that is running my life, I have yet to go a single day without an alarming list of things to do (the list includes painting eggs and watching the rest of Game of Thrones). 
– jm !

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