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High Park Adventures

blogversion1 blogversion2 blogversion3 blogversion4 IMG_8483 IMG_8549  IMG_8583March and I enjoyed a day off (finally?) in High Park this weekend. The cherry blossoms and Magnolia trees are in full bloom and even though the stone fountains are dry the idea and smells of summer are near.

I’m traveling to New York city (FIRST TIMER) this up coming weekend and I am starting to get more and more excited about it. Any hot-spots/recommendations are helpful! We’ll be lugging around 3 rolls of super 8 film and hopefully not an umbrella.

Hope the long weekend isn’t full of 11 hour-shifts for y’all.

– jm !

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Last Min. Shit for Mother on the Day of Moms

mothas_0Does your mother’s birthday fall directly before Mother’s Day? Has Easter left you in an extended state of mini-egg brain-haze? 1-hundo-P the Easter candy sale prolonged my self-destruction diet. ANnnnnnd now it’s May 7th and Mother’s day is in 4 ish(?) days. Too late to buy anything online, (unless you live on the edge you crazy, badass bitch) so what are your options? LET’S EXPLORE.

1. Pull flowers from the Garden (hear me out).
mothas_07If you have time this week, and don’t live next to a concrete jungle: take a hike. 
Some of the wild flowers you can find around this time are JUST budding and could look beautiful in a little mason jar vase. You could also BUY flowers like a normal respectable non-stealing human being, but some public areas have really great patches of forget-me-nots or daisies that are sprouting AS WE SPEAK. You could also buy some flower seeds if your Momma is the gardener type like mine.  Also don’t steal from a greenhouse ya idiot. Mom would be pissed.

Look around for some decorating ideas for Mason Jars. I can’t tell you how played out the trend is, but it does the trick every. single. time. I used an old mason jar that I used to paint with, I liked the colors. There is a thousand things you can do with a mason jar. It’s ridiculous. mothas_05mothas_06

2. Home-made tissue-flower card.
mothas_09Does your Mother keep every card you’ve ever given her? I’m pretty sure mine does, but why wouldn’t she? I’m awesome, and so are you. Sit down and write something cute, I mean REALLY cute. Not, “hey mom today I met a boy and he slept over at the apartment” cute, more like “hey mom remember that time you were an awesome mom? me too” cute.
There is this craft I did when I was in my younger years where you took pieces of tissue paper, stuck it around the end of a pencil, dabbed it in glue and placed it on paper. This is that craft, and it’s really fun. It takes about 20 minutes of sticky fingers, it’s easy, and it cost about 5 bucks or less.
Do it like this yo:mothas_08mothas_10

3. Spend an a few hours in Chapters
My boyfriend does this thing where he’ll buy books for his Mom and she LOVES THEM. What a crazy way to show someone how much you care by picking out a book for them to read! Also a test to see how much you know them. FYI- Don’t buy your mom a book about how to cook or how to do laundry, I’m pretty sure that’s why Mom’s are awesome and already know how to do that (unless your mom doesn’t know how to do that then…shit sorry). It’ll cost you cheap and you can make a cute afternoon out of it reading all the backs of books and figuring out what kind of story Ma would be into! Maybe you can Instagram the Starbucks you got while at Chapters and get 50 likes too! Woo-whatta day.

4. Paint a Flower Pot

Sort of like #1, but a few days ago I made my roommates paint some cheap terra-cotta pots that you can find literally everywhere.mothas_01 We painted them white, drew out a pattern, painted them in with normal acrylic paint (dollar store actually), and then sprayed them with some protective semi-gloss clear coat so the rain is no match for the masterpiece. It took maybe an hour and if you already have paint lying around it’s like $6 depending on how many pots ya have. These were from Wal-mart and were 2 dollars each. You could get real crazy with it too, add lace, mod podge the shit outta them, (be normal and use pinterest to get some inspiration), here’s a photo I found that uses gold-leaf and different sized pots:f42a3b90f46fb3e9a6d8b6539fe1d545

5. Digital Photo-Album

Last but not least (and maybe the most intense and not-so-last-minute) there is the good-ole-photo-book. So many friends of mine have some sort of photo album they made online–they really are that easy to do depending on the service you use. The best option for a beginner is iPhoto, I’ve never used it but I’m sure google could explain how (c’mon it’s 2014 get with it). I’m not sure if it will come in on time for Mother’s day, but maybe you could show her the template you’ve already ordered online first? I’ve created a self-published book on Lulu.com before and was really happy with the results, the effort was pretty huge though so I’m not suggesting you attack that project on May 7th. I’ve heard good things about Blurb.com as well, again–some research will have to be done and maybe a little extra $$ than you normally expected. ON THE BUDGET SIDE of things you could print out images you have, and manually cut and paste them into a DYI photo album. A lot of the inspiration photos I found were extremely cute and heart-warming, I know a mother would appreciate!

I CAN tell you that your Mom really just wants to feel special and loved on this day, so she won’t care if you can’t color in the lines or ‘just get her a card/gift card’. Take 30 minutes to sit down (without your phone or your computer screen in front of you) and really appreciate the lovely woman that is your Mother.

Spend time, make plans, call more often. That’s all Mom’s really want, right?

– jm !

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Rainy Daze

Oh hey?

Here’s a few photo’s of some flowers I took this rainy weekend. Why the fuck should you care, right?
Honestly, I have no idea. I had a pretty shitty week. I had a group of 24 come into work (I’m a waitress part-time) and tip me $40 on a $400 bill. Drained and exhausted from their high-demand visit I casually smashed my phone against the concrete floor because I am a plain-and-simple idiot. $70 later the whole screen was replaced and I thought it’d be a good idea to leave my umbrella home so I could walk back from the subway drenched with water-logged socks. Just one of those days man.
I find it therapeutic in an Elaine Benes way to scream my frustrations inside my head (Ya you do that too, super cool). Sometimes the rants find their way onto the keyboard. I’ve been told it helps.
I’ve been told to grow up.

Here’s some old-school Sarah Vaughn for all ma bitches having a bad rainy day too.

– jm !

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