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Neon Lime

Top: Urban outfitters Shoes: Remix Clothing Skirt: Front Row Shop Sunglasses: Aldo

Feelin’ a little neon lately. Front Row Shop helped me fix my craving for a pop of colour this summer.
The bra top from Urban Outfitters is a little more revealing than what I’m used to but this girl has no A/C in her apartment so what are the options? Nearly naked it is!

My 24th birthday is this Thursday and then I jet off to Rome on Sunday for an 11 day trip through Italy. Summer plans lookin’ good.

– jm !

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What Moves You? | Movement line by Free People



Free People asked me (what seemed to be) an easy question: What Moves You?
With the new launch of their Ballet / Surf / Yoga gear I naturally assumed they meant What Moves You, Physically. And these days…with 3 jobs, zero time and a massive painting hobby on the side, I hit the pillow at night thinking “urgh I should’ve went to yoga today”.

When Free people asked me to participate in this movement campaign I headed straight for the ballet gear (I picked the Black Leotard) and remembered all the years I spent dancing. I also came to the realization that this is now my staple yoga outfit (I can still pretend to be a ballet dancer you guyssss).

Most importantly, trying to be a better me each and everyday inspires me to move. Whether that means watching what I eat, being conscious of what I say, or exercising more, I always try to push myself to try something new and be open to any possibility… also coffee. Coffee will do the trick.

Free People is hands down one of my most favourite brands. Go check out the wonderful job they did on their movement line and figure out what makes you inspired to move!

– jm !



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NYC & Inspiration

It’s safe to say I was bitten by the NYC bug. After my trip this weekend to the lower-east side I am already frantically looking on Craigslist to see how I can swindle an apartment somehow (ridiculous) in Manhattan.
Although it was short lived–I did a lot of exciting things (READ: SLEEPNOMORE) and now I’m ready to get back into some sort of routine. March and I shot a lot of super 8 footage that needs to be transferred, grant submissions need to be submitted, illustrations, collaborations, castings,¬† blah blah blah a busy june ahead.

I also need air conditioning somewhere in Toronto, 3 floors up in a 100 year old apartment was charming until I realized I’m probably going to die this summer.


– jm!


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