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Top: Aritzia  Shoes: Capezio Trench: The Free Island

Bitches really love fall. I really love fall. Who doesn’t love a Canadian 2 week fall?
Liars, that’s who.
Fall (like Spring) bring on very odd clothing combinations. Ya got layers and shit to worry about. Three times this week I stood in my doorway contemplating whether I should bring a sweater + scarf combination or if I had to lug around a umbrella. It sounds like I am complaining—and yes—I am. Life is hard for me.

ANYWAYS, The Free Island let me attack there online store and pick a few items from their newly launched website. I’m pretty happy with this white choice since it can be thrown onto virtually any outfit. Also the rule about not wearing white after labour day is stupid and old and strange and full of ‘get the hell outta here!’

That is all for now folks! A little sidenote: I directed a small little fashion video this week and I am excited to share it with ya’ll! Will release soon! Also please listen to the band Bahamas, they are rocking every little bit of my world at the moment.

– jm !

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You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything


About 4 months ago I read a quote by David Allen that read: “”You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything.”

2014 has proven to be a difficult year in terms of getting closer to a ‘career’ and my options are extremely scattered across the board. Between my part time job as a waitress (I gotta get out folks), modeling, art directing and painting, I am almost more confused than when I started out in art school 5 years ago.

Staying focused is the answer to all my productivity woes. When I look at this painting that took me 4 months to complete, I imagine all the things I’m capable of doing – just not all at once.

What are you working on now?

– jm !

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Bye Summer


Top: American Apparel Shoes: Remix Clothing Skirt: Shalex  Hat: TopShop

I’m not even sure if I’ve been busy or if I’ve just been caught up in the events and activities of summer. I seem to always be working and at the same time find myself scrounging around for money. Must be the summertime to blame.

Shalex, was kind enough to send me this cute little white cut-out skirt for the last remaining weeks of the season.  I’ll wear it all the way up to October too if I can.

In the meantime I’ll continue painting and listening to Michael Cera’s album.
Truth: Best $7 I spent all month.

– jm !

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