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Fall Uniform

Poncho/Sweater: Urban Outfitters (sold out) T-Shirt: J.crew Shoes: Material Girl Pants: The Free Island Hat: Top-Shop

Hi. Hellooooo.

If you have seen me in the last 3 weeks I promise you this is what I was wearing. This has been my beloved Fall Uniform and now that it is sadly Nov. 1st I’ve had to retire such attire. Every winter I plan to be fashionable but ripped boyfriend jeans in -20 degree weather sounds like a new kind of nightmare.
Ain’t ’bout it.

I’m about to have the best November ever though you guys. November means more time for hibernation. Which means it is totally acceptable for me to wake up and stay in my studio all day without having any social interactions…or wearing pants (the Winter Uniform of course).
Until next time!

– jm !

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LAURA Stills

Hey y’all!
I briefly mentioned a few posts ago that I have been working on some small “fashion videos”–if that’s what they are. I’m not exactly sure how to categorize them but it’s really fun to work with film as a medium. Here’s some stills taken on set by the talented Kyle Tait. You can watch the full video below as well (or visit www.lunarosa.ca). Any commentary or feedback is greatly appreciated as this is a very new world to me. Scheduled to shoot a second on the 18th–an extremely exciting time for me!


from Luna Rosa on Vimeo.

-jm !

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Chicago Highlights

Here are some highlights of my trip to Chicago this past weekend. Bare with me as I shamefully finish off a large bag of Garrett’s Chicago-style popcorn while doing so. Also, there is cheesy popcorn powder all over my keyboard which is why there are so many grammatical errors, #excuses.

cpic_011. The Architecture Tour
The Architecture boat tour is a must when first arriving! I stray away from guided tours while I’m traveling but this was a fast way to see the city first hand. Grasped a great deal of knowledge about the surrounding buildings and found myself appreciating the finest of details. Would recommend, especially if you’ve never been there before.

Here’s C-Jeff in a *special* candid moment.


2. Deep Dish Pizza
Here’s the truth: It’s overrated. Before you run at me with pitchforks and torches, my experience at Giordano’s was probably not identical to most. It takes 1 hour to make a deep dish pizza which my drunken self was not aware of sooo sitting in public face-planted on my table was not ideal.Moral of the story: Give me a thin crust pizza so large I can wrap myself in it and I shall be happiest.

chi_113. Music Venue’s
I went to the House of Blues, Buddy Guy’s: Legends, and a dueling piano bar called Howl at the Moon.

All experiences were great ones but I’d have to say my favourite was seeing Selwyn Birchwood at Legends. He did a bunch of his own music and some Muddy Water’s covers. There he is on the left blues’n it up.


4. Millennium Park
The bean was a lot bigger than I imagined. I enjoyed the crown fountain much more.


5. Oktoberfest
Tried 20 local beers (more than once dear god) at an Oktoberfest festival. This event pretty much speaks for itself. I had a pretzel necklace, danced to German polka and successfully convinced myself into enjoying Amber Ale’s and IPA’s. It was also in the basement of a church…

6. Lincoln Park
Grabbed some Divvy rental bikes (exactly like our Bixi here in tranna) and biked to Lincoln Park to Navy Pier. Lincoln Park had a cool zoo where I saw pink flamingos and sea lions. There were no kids whatsoever and every human behaved themselves (lol jk).

7. Breakfast
WILDBERRY PANCAKES: Believe all of the hype people. My chocolate chip pancakes were so memorable I will dream about them for years to come. The line up is a bitch and everyone in that place is totes a tourist. #whatever. Unfortunately, the only photo I have is blurry and to be honest no photos could do it’s texture justice. Instead, enjoy this photo of our feast at Chicago q. I had three different types of egg’s benny and had enough corn-bread to go into a food coma.

8. ‘Mericuh’s Fast Food Joints
The dougnuts are much better at Dunkin’ than at Tim Horton’s. There. It’s been said.
Also not pictured was Chick-fill-A waffle fries which I regret not getting more of. You can also bury my dying body into an entire casket of Garrett’s Chicago Style Popcorn.

9. Our Airbnb-less Trip
I really (like really) badly wanted to do an AirBnb in Chi-town. I had this fantasy where I would coincidentally get housed on the same street Kanye West grew up in and the people currently living there would invite me over for tea and we’d recite raps to one another but instead we stayed in a hotel. Truth is, I was having a hard time finding something downtown and well-priced. The subway system was real efficient so next time I’d stay further in-land. Anyways, here’s me jumping on the hotel bed in slow motion and C-Jeff doing a nice little hair flip. We are super over staying in Hotels.

10. Chicago Art Institute
Seraut’s famous painting was cool to finally see in person (see: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).
Also a quality collection of breathtaking impressionist work.

Highlight was definitely Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’. Here I am casually crying in front of it.


I was only there for 3 nights and even though Chicago is a conquerable enough of a city I felt like there was so much more I’d love to explore. Here’s a .GIF of some construction on the river, here to foreshadow the construction of my future travel plans…. Until next time, – jm !

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