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Let’s do this.

1. I can not stand Taylor Swift yet have been blasting her 1989 album for a good 4 days straight? Not sure how this is important info. Never been a fan. Hate country music. I know all the words to all her new songs. #CHANGED
2. TWO new illustrations above ^^^ one in blue and one in yellow. Pick one, e-mail me (julia@juliamonson.com). I’ll give ya the cutest price dudes.
3. Hozier !!!!! (my newest best kept secret apart from Tay Swift).
4. What is a Polar Vortex ? Has it started yet? When is Spring scheduled?
5. If you plan on going to the movies I suggest BIRDMAN, WHIPLASH, OR NIGHTCRAWLER.

That’s it!

– jm !

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Above is a video I directed with March early October on the beautiful Gattina Designs. I’m a little late on this one but thought I’d share some of it. It’s probably hard to imagine wearing any of these as the snow falls steadily, but we all know ya’ll gonna go on vacation and ditch this Canadian joke to escape to some tropical island.
Not scheduled to work on any new video work. Will work on that.

– jm !

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This is what my desk looks like every morning. I’m feeling pretty scattered lately with the holiday’s coming up and (basically) being unemployed. The only few things I feel attached to are some of the films I’ve been working on and surprisingly this website. Funny to think I kept this thing for so long not really knowing what it was meant for.

I’ve decided (sigh, yet again) to update this blog more … and I’m doing it for myself.
To those of you that are reading this, I appreciate you, but it’s not all for you, you know?
I mean that in the nicest way.

In the meantime… you can find a print of the lovely Belle Disney princess who obviously never had to pay rent or have her phone cut off because she was well over her data limit on society6. I caved and I’m not too happy about it. Go get a phone cover. I hear it’s what all the cool people are doing.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

– jm !

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