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Hot Xmas


Skirt: Mendocino Bodysuit: American Apparel  Necklace: Zara

In no means am I complaining. I wore this all Christmas week. To every event, every holiday party, every meal– I had my maxi skirt and was good to go. Thank you Jesus, for having such a lovely birthday. I drank bathtubs full of wine in your honor and got to catch up with some old friends. Hope everyone else had a lovely time with family & friends. Wouldn’t mind if the snow decided to bail this Winter.

– jm !

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How this broke girl did Christmas…

xmas_06My roomates and I pretty much work right up until Christmas this year. Instead of us being completely miserable together in an all-white apartment I decided to stock up on nutella & gold spray paint and get to work. I’m usually pretty broke around this time of year (gifts n shit) so here’s what I did with about $28 and some second-hand goodies. Now my roomates and I will be a little less miserable drinking wine under our spinning fiber-optic tree this holiday season.
xmas02USING WHAT I ALREADY HAVE: Empty candle vases could not hide from my gold spray paint. I bought some (real) evergreen branches from a corner store for $3 and threw em in. Added some (real) grocery store flowers and am pretty happy with the way the mantle looks. Festive but not like “WHAO MOM PUT DOWN THE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT WREATH OF DEATH” shit that usually goes on. I already had some old empty candles lying around and (obviously) had gold spray paint. I eat that stuff.xmas06Our Christmas (spinning fiber-optic) Tree is a lovely hand-me-down from the 1970’s probably. I’m in love with it. Not because it was free or because the motor sounds like it’s begging for suicide, but because it makes these little glowing lights trace all over the walls of our place.
xmas03xmas_08xmas_14WRAPPING: Craft Paper from the Dollar Store and some old string has always been my go-to. I also made some Mendl’s Boxes based off of the Grand Budapest Hotel that I plan on using as gift boxes.xmas_07STOCKINGS: Dollar store got me. I had this whole plan to be creative about it. But these were funny.xmas_09xmas_10GARLAND: Again, using stuff I already had. Some beads, Styrofoam stars I found for $2 at a craft store, and some string go a long way when making your own garland. I also had LOTS of extra evergreen branches so I threw it up on every ledge I had.xmas_13xmas_12Speaking of extra branches… I also stuck one on the wall. Wall-tree. #whatever.xmas_15CARDS: MADE EM’! MAKE UR OWN. IT’S SO MUCH MORE SPECIAL I PROMISE.
xmas04RELAXING: Received this starbucks cookie from a friend and decided to take the time to eat it while relaxing instead of inhaling it without any thought as-per-usual. I also spiced up my hot chocolate by putting some lucky charm marshmallows in that bitch. I do not recommend drinking hot chocolate out of a paper straw by the way… strictly for photo design purposes. I’ve really cherished the small amounts of time I’ve had alone. xmas01Taking a big breath while working,  spending time with loved ones, and buying gifts that were affordable but thoughtful has proven to be difficult this year. I made ALOT of my gifts this year and illustrated a lot of portraits for people to gift over the holiday’s.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and gets to enjoy themselves with some time off!
My Christmas present to myself was a trip to Palm Springs (that took me FOREVER to save up for!) so I’ll be looking forward to January.

Merry Christmas sugarplums!

-jm !

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Most Wonderful Time of the Year !

This was me 4 years ago easily. Being a broke student around Christmas really brings back some memories. Especially when I actually HAD money and wanted to selfishly spend it on myself. This year is also turning out to be a bigger struggle than usual. Lots of illustrations getting mailed out today and tomorrow. Also, YES I have a risky package making it’s way to me on Dec 23rd, fingers crossed for that one otherwise Pop’s got nothing to open on Christmas morning.

Of course, “finding the perfect gift” for someone is bullshit. If you must buy someone something this year try to make sure you can both enjoy it! The best gift you can give someone is your time!

Okay, I’m done being cheesy today. BYEEEEE. Happy shopping.

– jm!

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