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Mini Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

angel_01 angel_02

Hey! I made a mini angel food cake and you should probably make one too? I’ve eaten only half and I can already feel the sugar high kicking in.

I made it gluten free since I live with a cute little roommate who has celiac and this lil cake is for sharing. You should probably make one for your mom on Mother’s Day. My Mom is pretty health conscious and can not understand the concept of cake, so this one is for all the dessert lovers & sweet tooth worshippers, #UNITE!

You can find the recipe for the cake here, and the BEST AND ONLY Buttercream Frosting Recipe. It’s disgusting how much sugar you use — thankfully I stuck to my cravings and followed through with zero cups of regret. Hurry up! Get your sugar high on and make something so delicious you’ll have tears running down your face. Or just stare at it — since it was almost too pretty to eat (jk it wasn’t hard at all).

– jm !

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Waiting for Spring…

spring_02 spring_03 spring_04 spring_05 spring_06

Dress: Kazuo Shoes: Capezio Jacket: DKNY Hat: Topshop Purse: American Apparel 

I’m seeing fresh tulips at the corner store, Easter Egg hunts, more cheer in the air, a sense of inspiration between the longer days, yet there is one thing missing from our Canadian Spring, and that of course is the nice weather. The other day I just about had enough and jaunted out into the city wearing this dress from Kazuo with open toe shoes and a good attitude.

Visited Douglas Coupland at the MOCCA and had a beer at Dog & Bear this weekend. Other than that, my Easter was filled with family gatherings and pre-production of the next short film I’m working on. It was also filled with – hopefully not – but probably – cavities.
Thanks mom & dad for the pure sugar overload. xx

– jm !

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