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Iced Coffee at Home

I have a strange relationship with coffee.
If you’ve ever met me you’d know I’m hyper as hell, I talk a mile a minute, and I’m pretty energetic at 8am. I’m basically an out of control ambulance mixed with a bit of wandering toddler. In university I easily averaged 3 cups of coffee a day & it wasn’t abnormal for me to wake up with the shakes. In short – I am not a person who needs to be drinking coffee on the reg. However, all the green tea I’ve brewed through-out the winter is starting to bore me and with summer approaching I find myself doing more with the longer days. So, I’m giving coffee a chance again with the promise that I won’t go overboard.
Here’s how I make ma iced brew folks:

I use a french press in order to control how much I’m drinking, (I love drip coffee but I end up making 6 cups and blacking out) and I put it in the fridge so that it’s cold already instead of pouring hot coffee onto ice and diluting it. No one likes watered down coffee ya heard? I also made a batch of simple syrup beforehand just in case I feel like a lil SUGa~* Some rainy summer days need a bit of that sugar action, a splash of dis shit and ur brain be in sunshine ya feel me? (This blog post just got real, sry.)SIMPLESYRUP
Pour some desired cream or milk or whatever u got kickin around homie! I used Almond milk in these photos not because I’m vegan but because it was in my fridge and I mistook it for cow stuff. Throw on some shades, some wu-tang or whatever hip-hop u got rockin’ and sip sip sip up the caffeine!
Make this shit at home!
– jm !

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The Advice I gave Myself


It’s been quite a while since I last contributed to the internet.
A lot has been going on in my life & much of it is possible thanks to the 1 year plan I set myself back in January. I find the advice I give to others on their creative pursuits is rarely the advice I give to myself. I’ve got quite a long way to go and I’m not even sure if any of it is working as smoothly as I planned. I’ve had a few positive moments and feel it’s a good halfway point. 

Here are the 3 things I told myself at the beginning of the year:

1. Quit your day job

This one is going to be tough. Living downtown Toronto, paying off a massive school loan and trying to fund projects is difficult to do when you don’t have a steady pay cheque coming in. I’ll celebrate the day I can pay rent with money I earned doing what I love. So far, cutting down my part-time job hours has significantly changed my lifestyle and work ethic, (no more going out for dinner 3 times a week), which has left me with more time to focus on other things. 

2. Do what makes you happy

This one is so cliche I could die.
Obviously eating ice-cream and watching game of thrones makes me a happy 4 year old, but unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to make a living off of that.
This one is more towards “client” based work.
Being hired to do commissions for certain clients or companies have been rewarding ($$) but not fulfilling.  Just because you CAN do something doesn’t always mean you should. I’ve learned a ton while dealing with clients and client based work, but in the end always have a mental breakdown dealing with the changes and soul-crushing artistic differences. This year I planned to never settle on doing something just because the price is right, I’m going to work on the projects that sound interesting to me, and benefit my portfolio only. So far it’s worked generously in my favour, leaving a lot of room and time to concentrate on the things I feel passionate about. 

3. Create your own work & yourself

 The stress of daily life restricts me from plugging hours into the studio which needs an alarming adjustment and often leaves me feeling dissatisfied in my work.
I have slowly created the creative person I want to be and a lot of it stemmed from routine.
In doing so, I’ve lost a few connections with friends, trimmed the fat on some bad habits, am more conscious of the way I want to spend my free time and as a result am able to find a quality life-style I’m excited to see flourish. 
I’m always telling others to be the masters of their own domain (haha), be more clear about their goals and create quality work they can be proud of.

ps- I made that .GIF at the top that’s probably annoying the shit out of you while you read, but man, I just learned how to do that in After Effects so appreciate it, take it in and scroll away baby.  
– jm ! 

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