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Artist Project 2016

Attended the opening night of the Artist Project 2016 contemporary art fair last night at the Better Living Centre here in Toronto.
Although I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of artworks & artists, the vibe was great and overall positive.
Here are some of my favourite snaps of the night!
artistproject_02Lilian Crum 
artistproject_03Jim Bourke
artistproject_04Jeannie Pappas
artistproject_05Erin Rothstien
artistproject_06Maegan Guerette
artistproject_07Andy Kittmer
artistproject_08Tony Taylor
artistproject_09Megan Ellen MacDonald
artistproject_10Claire Desjardins
artistproject_11Simon Schneiderman
artistproject_12Lana Filippone
artistproject_13Kathy de Castro

Live music, free alcohol, a few inspiring chats with some artists and snacks – not my favourite art event of the year but I’d definitely go again next year!

– jm !

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